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Our goal is to build the best solar power plants for our customers.

We focus 100% on solar energy projects.

Sunservice OÜ is renewable energy company focusing on designing and building the best solar energy systems. Our clients are energy companies, developers and private households.

We conduct our services on turnkey basis, cost and scope of works is always fixed before works, so client will not bear any extra expenses.

We are building solar systems in Estonia, Sweden, Latvia and Spain. For other locations, please contact:


We consult and help you choose a location

We design the most efficient power plant

We will solve the network connection

We build solar power systems

We prepare necessary documentations

We perform network tests

We are a long-term project partner

Sunservice OÜ offers flexible solar electricity with a PPA contract

Power Purchase Agreement – Sunservice offers electricity under PPA scheme for industrial consumers. We build solar energy system on clients industrial building rooftop or ground mounting project near client’s consumption point and sell all produced electricity to the client.
Parties agree, that solar electricity price is always 25% lower than buying from the electricity supplier from the local grid. Contract term is 10 years and client must buy all produced electricity. At the end of the contract term, Client may prolong the contract, have the seller
remove the solar system or buy-out solar modules.

Sample contract terms:

Client’s investment:0 EUR
Installed power:300kW
Yearly production:290 000 kWh / 290 MWh
Power price on exchange:0,07 EUR / kWh
Client saves yearly:6 700 EUR
Contract term:10 years
Contract price:Electricity price is always
25% lower than from the
Tapa - 300kW-min

Ground Mounting projects

We advise the Client on the location, we design the optimal solar system. We sell the equipment, conduct construction and electrical works.

Roof top projects

We have built solar systems on every kind of roofing there is. We design the solar system in a way, that most of the production is consumed at-site. This will make solar energy usage most efficient.


Solar modules are the easiest solution for electricity production. Benefit for customer is
the decreased expenses on electricity and taxes. Electricity that is leftover from consumption
is sold automatically. Energy storage is possible with batteries or charging electric vehicle.
Sunservice team installs only quality products with proven historical background.
For quotations please contact:


The company has MTR registration for electrical work.
Our team has designed and built over 32MW of solar energy solutions.
We design, build, advise.

Tapa - 300kW-min



The simple reason is that it is profitable. The price of electricity is on the rise and the reason for this lies in the high price of CO2, due to which large oil shale power plants located in Narva cannot enter the wholesale market. This causes a shortage in the electricity market that Finland and other neighboring countries, which are in a deficit of electricity, are unable to fill. Hydropower from the Norwegian mountains is consumed in Norway, Sweden and Finland before reaching Estonia, and it does not affect the Estonian price area much. Also, the disconnection of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian electricity systems from the electricity system of the North-West region of Russia will lead to an increase in electricity prices.

We recommend that you read the Electricity Market Handbook prepared by Elering AS, which is available HERE and which explains the reasons for the increase in electricity prices.

Compared to other renewable energy sources, solar energy projects are very fast. There are no complicated detailed plans and approvals as in the case of wind energy. There are no production restrictions for solar energy, as there are for wind farms.

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Sunservice OÜ is fast growing renewable energy company. Our work and team is fast and always on our feet. Currently we are looking for joyful can-do attitude persons for the following positions:

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